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Adorn your abode with the symbolism of Selfless Love – Radha Krishna Painting

The love of Radha and Krishna is symbolic of eternal and selfless love between the devoted human and the divine. Their love has inspired and been the essence of generations of poetry and dramas.

Radha’s love, devotion and meditation inspired Krishna to play his flute and drove Radha to the Raas Leela. The world worships and celebrates the bond of selfless love between Radha and Krishna.

If you are a firm believer of Vastu, then you must add Radha Krishna Painting to your list. Vastu Paintings bring in a positive vibration and adds charm to your space. It is believed that Radha Krishna painting in bedroom will increase the love and understanding between the couple. If there are any emotional turmoil between the couple, a glance at the painting is said to bring about calmness and ease out the pressure from the moment. As per Hindu mythologies, it is inauspicious to have pictures of any deities in the bedroom, however Radha Krishna painting is an exception. The symbolism of unconditional love inspires couples to cultivate a sense of understanding and loving relationship amongst themselves.

According to Vastu Shastra, apart from the bedroom, you can also place a Radha Krishna painting on the wall opposite to the main entrance. This is known to keep all the tensions away and prevent any issues that might occur in your married life.

When going by Vastu, you should take care of the Do’s and Don’t’s , which are :

· The Radha Krishna painting should face the West Direction, and it must be hanged in the north-east direction.

· To block any marital friction or conflict, you must hang Radha Krishna paintings on the opposite wall of the entrance gate of your house.

· While hanging the Radha Krishna painting in your room, make sure that the frame of the painting is red in colour as red is the colour of love, and this helps in eliminating all the frictions in your marital life.

· Hang the painting somewhere in the room where you can always catch a glimpse of the painting as you move around the room.

· If you are hanging the painting to improve and increase the love in your relationship, then make sure that there are no other females “gopiyas” in the Radha Krishna painting.

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