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How to choose finest paintings for your Gallery Wall

“Art is reflection of one’s personality. It is part of everyday life; however its significance varies from person to person”

Empty walls are like blank canvas and if you are an artist then you can fill the canvas with the colours of your imagination. But if you are not the creator yourself then you can always own an artwork and display it with pride on your wall. Because one may not have the skills to structure their thoughts and imaginations but they can easily relate and appreciate the art that reflects someone else's.

However most art enthusiasts or art collectors may not know how to display the collection properly. And we firmly believe that every artwork must be given a dedicated place or 'home' of its own. Easiest is to start by dedicating a wall in your abode for your art /paintings. It’s a perfect way to show your love for the art and let your creative side take over to give your home new dimension by adding art that defines your personality. Placement of art pieces on one of the walls of your home to create a unique statement is called art gallery wall.

Here are few tips that will guide you during your visits to art galleries in search of paintings that would help you create your very own personalised gallery wall at your home.

Decide the theme

Indian Folk paintings are governed by various themes and stories. Religious scriptures may influence some, some may be a reflection of nature or some may be symbol of festivity. You may find that you are more inclined towards one over the other. This makes it easier for you to look through the collections and decide. Ideally it’s better you stick to one theme , however if you wish to have more themes dominate your gallery wall, make sure the paintings selected by you are similar to each other and go along well in terms of their effect . At times its best to go for an expert advice than end up investing in wrong collection.

Note the Colour

Before you invest in any painting, make sure you note the colour of your wall and stick to the colour palette that would complement the wall. Indian Folk arts are often quite colourful and bright to look at. If the colour of your wall is dark, opt for folk paintings in pastel or light shades. If the colour of the wall is dark, invest in artworks that have brighter feel and look to them. This would give a new dimension to your wall.

Look for different sizes and shapes

Now this can be little difficult and require some great deal of time and effort from your end. If done well, the wall would be a masterpiece in itself. However, one wrong move can make it the most disliked space/corner of your home. If you wish to be careful and stay safe, opt for symmetrical frames that can be arranged based on the sizes. However if you wish to go for asymmetrical frames , and wish to achieve an abstract look, mix and match the shapes to create your own personalised wall.

Add Traditional hints

If you opt to go for traditional paintings to adorn your wall, add typography by mentioning a Sanskrit word or any word from the ancient dialect that would add meaning to the origin of the artworks selected by you. Little hints to the history or origin of art would help others relate and appreciate your creative side.

Select the ones you love

It is important that you choose only those paintings that you love and will not be tired of looking at every day. Before you invest in the paintings, make sure these are the ones you want to embrace for months to come if not years. The amount you invest in paintings is considerable and once bought they are forever, so its important you choose wisely.

If you are new to the arena of art and have recently developed a penchant for paintings , it best to keep things simple . You may stick to one theme of paintings and opt for symmetrical frames that would go together. You may play around with the placement of the same to avoid coming across as boring.

Now that you know how to go about creating you own gallery wall in your home, let your imaginations fly and create your own corner with your personal touch.

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